Before Endodontic Treatment 

Preparing for a successful procedure

Your endodontic procedure will be performed using a local anesthesia. Usually, you can drive home or return to work afterwards.

In most cases, you’ll know exactly what to expect from your initial consultation. In some emergencies, we may have to perform a procedure immediately.

In general, though, you should:

Continue to take your normal daily medications for blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid problems and other conditions. If you have a concern, please call our office prior to your appointment.

Eat a full breakfast or lunch.

If your physician or dentist has prescribed an antibiotic due to mitral valve prolapse (MVP) heart murmur, hip, knee, cardiac or other prosthesis or if you have rheumatic heart disease, please make sure you are on your medication on the day of the appointment.

Call our office prior to your appointment if you have questions.