Dental Implants

When a tooth can’t be saved,dental implants may help.

At Premier Endodontics of Long Island, we firmly believe that it is always best to save a natural tooth. However, in some cases injury or decay may be so extreme that we have no alternative but to extract the tooth.

In these cases, we will replace the missing tooth with an implant. Implants not only restore your natural smile, they help maintain the health of adjacent teeth and prevent bone deterioration.

Modern dental implants look and function much like real teeth, and are preferable to treatments such as dentures and bridges because they fit better, are easier to clean and do not affect adjacent teeth.

Implants are more complex than other endodontic procedures. We will carefully plan your procedure to make it as comfortable as possible and to ensure the highest possible success rate. Working from a custom stent based on a CT scan of your mouth, we will drill a small hole and insert an implant screw in the bone. In some cases, a bone graft is necessary to ensure that the screw sits in the jaw or skull properly.

Depending on the type of surgery and implant needed, healing time may range from two to six months. While getting an implant is a longer and more complex procedure, it is sometimes the best solution for our patients.

As with all procedures, your Premier endodontist will completely review every step of your procedure.